EXIT83 Consulting

A boutique consulting company with expertise in
startup development, mobile engineering and cloud architecture.


Since 2007, EXIT83 Consulting has been assisting companies with Website Development, Software Architecture, Mobile Application Development, Business Analysis and Fundraising, Agile Training and Recruiting.

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About Matt Kowalczyk

As a seasoned software executive with 25 years in the tech industry, I have led both large engineering teams and small businesses. These roles have brought me great experience in:

  • Building companies from scratch
  • Hiring and cultivating smart people
  • Developing and executing on a business plan
  • Product vision
  • Shipping products
  • Creating monetization strategies
  • Leading engineering teams focused on both mobile and cloud based solutions
  • Managing a P/L
  • Raising capital
  • Business development
  • Executing on a sales plan
  • Managing ambiguity and risk

Over this period, I spent over 11 years at Microsoft as engineering/business lead. While at Microsoft, I helped pitch the TabletPC concept to Bill Gates and also co-founded the UMPC team. Since Microsoft, I have started 6 different companies, 2 with substantial exits.

I also serve on about half a dozen advisory boards mostly related to startup activities.


If you would like to learn more about what we've done or you would like some help with your specific project, please use the contact page below.