What we do

Consulting and development for custom software creation, integration, and prototyping for the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond

Exit83’s founders are former Microsoft engineers with 30+ years
of experience in forward-thinking software development and consultation services. The company’s 50+ employees bring a range of expertise to address every step phase in the full development lifecycle.

Our savvy and targeted recruiting brings us exceptional near-shore talent

Sourcing our talent from across North, Central, and South America means we deliver diverse perspectives from proven experts in nearby time zones. We’re able to join meetings in person, we speak English, and we can respond in minutes or hours instead of days.

The Microsoft ecosystem is our preferred foundation

We know the Microsoft stack and can use it to create solutions that work in any environment. Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, AzureSQL, .NET, PowerBI, C#, Windows, Microsoft365, and PowerPlatform are all in our wheelhouse.

We specialize in best-in-class platforms and frameworks

Microsoft is far from all we do. We also work across platforms for AI, data architecture, DevOps, full stack development, and Web3. We know Amazon Web Services, and utilize ReactJS, React Native, and TypeScript to build rich and intuitive UI for web and mobile applications.