Monday, September 18th, 2023

EXIT83 helps Optimum Energy save time and money with a custom tool for intelligent HVAC system design

Since 2005, Seattle-based Optimum Energy has been helping hospitals, office buildings, and other large commercial spaces worldwide to optimize HVAC systems with intelligent software solutions that reduce energy and water usage, save money, and achieve sustainability goals.

Chillers, fans, and other system equipment in a commercial HVAC system are connected to IoT sensors that give real-time updates on metrics like temperature, gallons per minute, and kilowatt hours, to inform recommendations for optimal HVAC settings.  

The company was using costly and overly complex software for HVAC system designs. New designs were always created from scratch and could take weeks to develop. Optimum Energy knew they wanted a better design experience but they needed both strategic and technical support to determine the best approach, create a plan, and make it real. This is where EXIT83 came in.

The EXIT83 team collaborated with Optimum Energy from end-to-end, starting with a deep dive on business processes, pain points, and needs and working all the way through tool design, development, and deployment. Optimum Energy is thrilled with the results and is already seeing the benefits of a tool that was created to work the way they want to: designs are created faster and with greater consistency, and the company no longer needs to pay for software that never perfectly matched their need.

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