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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

EXIT83 to help Ukraine refugees

Friends, we've all seen the devastation happening in Ukraine. Every image I see creates emotions of sadness, anger, and anxiety. I feel a desire to help these refugees who want nothing other than to live in a free democratic society. I have struggled to find an appropriate way to provide assistance.

I recently learned of some Seattle friends who moved to Warsaw a few years ago, who are struggling with the same emotions. However, being so close to the devastation, they took it upon themselves to act in the most selfless way possible.

Jules Jones and Sam Akina have opened up their home in Warsaw to a rotating door of Ukrainian refugee families. On top of that, they have been buying supplies such as diapers, food, first aid kits, radios, and water to help families stuck in Ukraine. With local assistance, they've been able to hire drivers to ferry these supplies to people who need it most.

The BBC interviewed Jules for her effort.

I have been touched by their amazing act of generosity and have personally donated my own funds towards the effort. Recently, I asked a few of you online to donate as well, and I'm happy to say we've been able to raise a couple thousand dollars.

Our efforts have had a DIRECT impact for these families. Latest supply run even included a medical supplies to help veterinarians.

Today, I am making a pledge to step up my assistance. 5% of all net profits in March and April from EXIT83 will be donated to their effort. Their selfless courage embodies the same values all of us embody in the EXIT83 family. My team was enthusiastically in support of this action. If any of you know me or my history, you know that giving is a big part of what defines me. I'm humbled that my team shares that same ethos. 100% of the money we donate is going to supplies and drivers.

Our money is having a DIRECT effect on the lives of people. If you are a client of EXIT83, note that every time you ask us to assist you on an engagement, that a piece of your money is also helping families in need.

Concurrently, I've been reaching out to various tech CEO's to see if they can provide assistance through services, equipment, and funding. So far the response has been outstanding. If you are a fellow CEO, I challenge you to spend a few moments and see how your company can help. Even if its not with this specific effort, I encourage you to find a way that is impactful and direct. If you are a tech CEO and you want to learn how to help, reach out to me at If you are able to donate money towards the effort, you can PayPal Jules at or Venmo Sam at @Sam-Akina or lastly, they will also take donations in crypto to this wallet 0x3ac459C3B3971e00df557604E25f2Fd76583f306

Thanks for reading. With your help, we can make an impact on families in need.